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What "support" means

PostalMate support is much more than contacting the Customer Service department. Your support fees keep you current with carriers and support the regular development and enhancement of PostalMate.

Customer Service

The customer support staff is here to provide answers to your questions regarding the PostalMate Software, as well as to research issues, provide technical notes, improve the content of the support web pages and more. You can rely on the support staff to proactively contact you when issues, news and information pertinent to running PostalMate in your business arises. Make sure that PC Synergy has your email address on file so that you don't miss important bulletins.

Software Distribution

Software is updated frequently and updates are available in two ways. While most customers will choose to download updates, some may prefer the CD Support plan. CD Support delivers major updates to your store. Major updates include the annual rate changes for supported carriers. PC Synergy may deem other updates as major and for CD distribution. Each update CD also contains a full PostalMate install.

Carrier Compliance

PC Synergy is continually developing PostalMate to remain compliant with carrier requirements, and this is a major portion of the annual Support Services package. An enormous amount of resources go into ensuring that the thousands of constantly changing business rules and tens of thousands of rates for all five supported carriers in PostalMate are correctly implemented and maintained on an ongoing basis. Although extremely expensive to maintain, our business and technical partnerships with the carriers ensure that your PostalMate system uses the most reliable, efficient and beneficial technologies possible.

Program Enhancements

All updates include enhancements to the program. These ongoing enhancements are a part of the Annual Support Services packages.

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